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Architect on landscape, landscape designer, designer. Brigades for the construction of reservoirs, specialized electricians, virtuoso masons who embody ideas from the project in life. But with landscaping, 95% of developers face the same problem. The banal lack of a quality design of landscape design in the project documentation for the house.

In Russia there is a very interesting feature: already at the design stage of any facility, the customer really wants to save literally everything and the first of his savings is a quality project for the improvement of the territory.

We always advise our clients to give a free-of-charge audit and expertise to the already developed project for improvement and we will try to make the masterpiece within the scope of the estimate.

It is very good that experienced designers never forget that all their projects must comply with SNIP III 10-75, and include the following sections:

  • Vertical territory planning
  • Cartogram of earthen masses
  • Road surface plan
  • Laying roads, driveways
  • Arrangement of stairs and retaining walls
  • Installing fences
  • Landscaping
  • Arranging car parks
  • A device with equipment for sports and children's playgrounds, as well as grounds for rest and walking dogs
  • Placement of small architectural forms

So what does qualitative improvement of the territory mean?

The quality of the project is determined by several basic criteria directly related to the purpose of the object. Below, we describe our approaches to different territories, the quality of which will directly affect the commercial aesthetic success of your facility.